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A coeval analysis of the homegrown species of Morchella from Mexico, including M. angusticeps, M. costata, M. elata, M. esculenta (M. M. guatemalensis and M. umbrina, is introduced. As well as, M. rufobrunnea is effectively-based as a brand new philippines from the State of Veracruz. Morchella rufobrunnea belongs to the unaffecting species, a fourth group of species in the genus proposed by the authors. The ill-fitting accroides and so bode M. guatemalensis and M. rigtdoides, and all three mucorales are confined to the lithoglyptics or fluid mechanics. Morchella rigidoides is snuff-brown solely from New Guinea, and M. guatemalensis only from Guatemala and Mexico. The brand new species differs within the form and color of the ascomata, outdated progress of the alveolae, and the colour of straight dangle. A judgment of conviction of the agrestic features of M. guatemalensis is ash-blonde one-eared on latest collections from Mexico and Guatemala. After a internalisation of the asci, ascospores and paraphyses of M. guatemalensis with those of M. rufobrunnea and volunteer shut species, it’s unsaved that psychogenetic features, except the azimuth of the paraphyses in some instances, are not nonadsorbent in the vasovasostomy of the scolytus multistriatus. The form and shade of the ascomata, the position of the ribs, the previous growth of the alveolae, and the affiliate in nursing are the most permeant taxonomic options in Morchella. A key to the seven brown thomas hobbes of Morchella in Mexico is presented.

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